Right then, imagine if you will a unique blended concoction of glitchy grooves, basshop fuelled beats, luscious brooding soundscapes and a few healthy dollops of stomach morphing bass.

Good morning and welcome to the unparalleled world of Hidden Riddim!

A self obsessed bass addict with a passion for all raves big and small, Hidden Riddim is at his best whilst bouncing around behind a set of turntables. Influences stem from everywhere, the smiley acid house scene to strong countryside cider. Incorporating sounds from hiphop, jungle, funk & reggae into his own customised beats.

Originally from a small town called Newbury in the United Kingdom, Hidden Riddim now resides on the Devonian streets of Exeter where he has finely tuned his party rocking skills and has fast gained a reputation for smashing together the beefiest beats.

After being signed to Cast A Blast & Riddim Fruit Records, 2010 saw Hidden Riddim smash the Juno Download charts and rock clubs & festivals all over the UK and Europe. 2012 also looks rosy for the bass junkie with a hectic European tour planned and the release of his debut album “forward ever backward never”. Things are not looking too shabby for Hidden Riddim!